Monday, 22 February 2021

Thanks, Gnutti Carlo Team!

The very first thing I want to tell you is THANK YOU. Thank you for supporting our Group through this storm that took everyone by surprise.

Many things are different now from March 9th, which marked a page in history among the darkest of the last centuries.

In a short time, we learned what a pandemic is, a word unknown to most people. We have seen the terrible effects of this horrific virus. Some of us, unfortunately, very closely. Our thoughts and our affection are for them.

We have become familiar with many rules and news: fixed quota entrances, gloves and face masks, social distancing, self-certification, smart working.

We have seen orders vanish, we have feared for our jobs and our future.

All we can do is respect the rules and hope to return to our normality or to know a new one.

As regards the Gnutti Carlo Group, we had complete closures in China, Italy and India during the height of the first phase but now production activities have resumed in all our sites. The demand for our products is slowly returning to levels that, although still lower than in the past, we would not have imagined in the months of the lockdown and the peak of contagions.

The virus is still among us but, fingers crossed, we must still look to the horizon with the conviction that we will resolve this difficult moment. We will overcome concerns together, with the team spirit that has always distinguished us.


Paolo Groff

CEO - Gnutti Carlo Group