Pier Carlo Gnutti



Pier Carlo Gnutti is President of the Gnutti Carlo Group.

He was born in Lumezzane, in the province of Brescia (Italy) in 1944. In 1922 his grandfather Carlo founded Gnutti Carlo. Then, his father Mario continues the business and so will Pier Carlo and his son Mario, our current Vice President, who represents the fourth generation. In Pier Carlo Gnutti there is the desire to take risks, to believe in a dream, to consider other people fundamental for the success of his business, to see positive, to create and solve. He is a person of common sense who has always had the courage to go one step further than others. Pier Carlo Gnutti is one who does not waste time, he is very dynamic and with his natural optimism and his sympathy, he can easily get in tune with the people he meets. He always focuses on solutions and you will never hear him to talk about problems or that a thing cannot be done. He is a family man, a husband, a father motivated every day to be a better entrepreneur. He loves to experience new things and makes updating his strong point by attending all the meetings. He is totally transparent and honest about who he is and what he does. He knows that the real strength of a company lies in its human resources. For this reason, he loves to follow his collaborators in every way and he constantly supports them by sharing his long experience and providing advice. His goal is to be useful to his customers and collaborators with humility and professionalism and this, today, can really make a difference.