Gnutti Carlo expands production capacity in Alabama

February 2014
Robert Bentley, Governor of Alabama, in Jacksonville for the laying of the foundation stone of the new building.
A new building for machining next to the current plant. Gnutti Carlo wants to invest in improving levels of quality and productivity of Shelco Foundries.
The expansion Project will add 60,000 square feet of floor area intended for machining.

Entire system replaced
Cooling line downstream of forming and casting area extended
Capacity of return sand bin doubled

In December 2012, Gnutti Carlo Group acquired WH Industries (Welles) and then Shelco Foundries.

The upgrade of the Sand System to improve quality and quantity

Shelco Foundries main product lines are rocker arms, valve bridges, brackets for automotive industry, components for connections of large pipes to transport water, components for rail industry, pump and valve castings.

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