Deburring and Finishing


High pressure water jet deburring, suitable for high precision and critical part where we are requested to remove burrs without influence the work pieces surface and geometry.

Thermal Deburring

Our cost effective solution to simultaneously remove both internal and external machining burrs.


Electrochemical deburring is a cost effective and efficient process suitable to remove critical burrs especially at internal hole intersection, to radius edges and in general to ensure a zero-burr level in the work piece. It can be available as a standard ECD or pulse current to improve surface finishing.

Vibro finishing and Isotropic Superfinishing

To smooths the surface to an isotropic finish by chemical process for most demanding applications where it is critical to reduce the metal to metal contact friction, wear, fatigue and then to increase durability. The isotropic process will remove surface asperity with no impact on dimension.


Our economical and effective solution to remove sharp edges or light burrs results from mechanical machining. Vibro-finishing is also available for most demanding work pieces requiring high level surface finishing.
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