Gnutti Carlo Group wants to be a cooperative partner in valve train development to customers due to high competence in: product development, manufacturing and sourcing.
We have a deep knowledge on how to combine design and manufacturing to achieve a robust and cost effective product.
Our Company supports customers worldwide with R&D activities according to their needs and wishes.
We can perform specific analysis (e.g. FEM analysis) as well as full design and development including qualifying tests.

Product Development

Design & FEA

Gnutti can perform design and optimization of components through the use of several software applications, such as:
  • Pro-Engineer (Creo Parametric) and CATIA V5 for CAD 3D design;
  • ANSYS and Pro-Engineer (now Creo Simulate) for FEM calculation in both linear and non-linear range, and for contact analysis
  • Internal code for Fatigue post-process analysis
  • Internal code for pin/roller bearing analysis, oil film calculation, lubrication regime

1D Simulation

Gnutti can also perform simulation analysis through multi-physics software like GT-Suite and SimScape:
  • Simulation of Valvetrain Dynamics and Cam design optimization
  • Simulation of Hydraulic Circuits (HLA, Engine Brake design)

Fatigue Test Rigs

As part of the validation plan, or as a benchmark analysis between different configurations, Gnutti can perform fatigue test with the following characteristics:
  • High flexibility to test any type of
  • Ultra high speed (up to 80-100Hz)
  • Wide range of applied load (from 10 to 250KN)
  • Very accurate analysis of the crack starting point

Durability test rig

Finally, Gnutti has the possibility to run tests on customized engine driven rigs with the valve-train mounted on the cylinder head. We can reproduce fuel injection pressure and oil temperature, to simulate as close as possible the engine running conditions, and we can monitor several information, like temperature, force, lift, rpm, torque etc. Those test cells are designed in collaboration with the Customer and they work as validation tests for both durability and benchmark with the current design.


Gnutti is performing research studies in different applications, such as: cam-roller contact, pin-roller contact, shaft-rocker arm contact.
On those applications, parts are tested at different boundary condition for materials, lubrication, coatings, surface treatments, loads, etc, in order to better understand the interactions of the various parameters, aiming to achieve the most cost effective or best performing solution for each situation.
To carry out these tests, Gnutti has developed customized rigs with electric motor driven cylinder-heads, and a special rig capable to evaluate the friction coefficient curve in the pin-roller contact.
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