Volvo Group Purchasing Supplier Awards 2016

Gnutti Carlo win the Volvo Award in the category COST EXCELLENCE. The motivation: “Gnutti Carlo has demonstrated a willingness to work with Volvo to meet cost targets. They proposed a number of technical cost saving ideas and established close collaboration with our sourcing and engineering community.They are awarded for their savings implemented since 2013 for the new rocker arm parts for the Euro6."

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High precision engine component

Gnutti Carlo is global leader in the development and supply of severe-duty and high performance valve train and fuel injection components for construction, agricultural, marine, genset and transportation engines.

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Our Core Values

Integrity is our simple “code of conduct”.
We engage our people by divulging all information needed to understand and effectively achieve their tasks. We want to promote cross-functional team working and cross-fertilization of best practice among the various locations. We engage our key Suppliers adopting an “extended enterprise” approach.
Agile, Lean
We strive to reduce “waste” in any internal process. We need to continuously reduce complexity and “think lean” every time we design any kind of process.
Customer Focus and Customer Intimacy
We always work to better understand our Customers’ processes and business model, how they generate value, how they view their industry, how they differentiate themselves, how they compete. We want to be involved as early as possible in new developments.

Volvo Group Purchasing Supplier Awards 2016

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